Sunday, October 4, 2009

A hint of winter

Overnight, Mother Nature left a hint that winter is just around the corner. I awoke this morning to see the trees blanketed with snow from an early season storm. Driving into my office to catch up on the pile of correspondence needing to be dealt with, I could not help being caught up in the wonder of how fast the seasons change.

Regardless of whether or not I am ready, winter is coming complete with snow shovels and ice melt. I am counting on the weather service to be correct in saying that the next few weeks will return the region to warmer weather allowing me to harvest some of nearly ripe tomatoes still hanging on the vines.

Embrace the changing seasons. Each has so much to offer us if we just pay attention. If you would like a little snow, I should have an entire driveway full ready for you to take in about a month. You can even use my shovel. :)


Jan said...

OH, I do not know if I am ready to receive the snow, but I do love your invitation here. To embrace and be well with what is here, right now, in front of me. No resistance. Always a powerful invitation...Blessings!

YogaforCynics said...

I had a dream last night in which I read a weather forecast that said the high temperature for today was going to be 27 F, which was particularly troubling since my landlady's out of town and I don't know where the thermostat is (I moved in in June...there's been no need to find out). Fortunately, though, when I went out for the Sunday paper, I found I was actually hot in my jeans in and long-sleeved winter's not coming to me nearly as quickly as it is where you are...for now, I'm just gonna enjoy fall...

Sherry Dale Rogers said...

Wow, already. Its dosent really snow in my neck of the woods but last year we had a suprise and it did. I would like to think it is because of my daughter. She wrote a letter to Santa asking for the usual toys but she added and please send us snow and just a few days before Christmas it snowed. She was so excited and she knew that Santa had granted her wish. Thank you lady winter for your wonderful suprises...Enjoy the snow.

WR said...

I love the change of the seasons...perhaps more than the hands of a clock, the seasons and the weather tell us so much about where we are in time and space. Having said all of that, I left New England because of sooooooo much snow and it's related shoveling. Thank you for the generous offer but I'll pass on the white cold stuff! :-)

Jillian Livingston said...

Hello Roger,

The perfect temperature for me is 77 degrees and it doesn't hurt if there is a warm, tropical breeze to go with it.

As the temperature drops I start dreaming of the Mediterranean but I live in the mountains and cannot fight the excitement in the air as well as the delicious smells of fall when I open my front door.

My heart starts to palpitate when I look up at the snow covered mountains. Like it or not, I am a skier and the steep slopes beckon me to them.

Goodbye summer and all of your warm caresses, I'll miss you...but look out winter cause I'm gearing up for you and all the pleasures that you provide.

Thank you for your message. I am now the humbled one!

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Hi Jan,

The last few weeks had been unseasonably warm making the snow a bit of a shock. I love winter but a few more weeks of summer would not be unwelcome.

Hi Dr. Jay

Frightening dream :) The rest of the week is supposed to be much warmer which if fine with me. The cold will be here soon enough.

Hi Sherry,

What a great Christmas present for your daughter! Growing up in snow country, I forget that it doesn't snow everywhere.

Hi WR,

If you change your mind, the offer will continue through winter. :) I also love the seasons and the changes that each brings.

Hi Jillian,

The prospect of the slopes opening always excites me also. Last year was a flop for good skiing but the new ski boots I bought last year should still fit. Hopefully my season pass will spend more time hanging off my neck than sitting on the dresser this year.

Thanks for the wonderful comments

Amanda Linehan said...

Hi Roger - "Regardless of whether or not I am ready..." This is the thing, isn't it. Seasons change whether we want them to or not. Circumstances in our lives change whether we are ready or not. I guess it's not all up to us!

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Hi Amanda,

Sometimes it is hard to accept that there are many things we cannot control. The more we try, the more we suffer. Thank you for the wonderful comment.

dcrelief said...

Hi Roger, I'll need driving directions and a small shovel. I figure a quarter ton pick up will be enough! Great post; see you when it snows. Peace, Dixie

Nancy Yos said...

One of my back burner projects has always been to write a book called "learning to love winter." Did you know Herodotus (I think it was) believed that winter came when the strong winds from Africa blew the sun to the north for the season?

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Hi Dixie,

I'll let you know when it's ready!

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for stopping by. On this particular morning the sun has definitely been blown north. It was 28 degrees when I let the house.

timethief said...

Autumn is normally associated with a time of transition, as life dies (leaves fall off trees, birds and animals migrate or hibernate, etc.). I experience it as my favorite season of fruiting and maturity that will invite the entry of Winter the restful season of hibernation, stillness and death.

We rarely get snow on the west coast and as much as I enjoy the changing seasons I don't miss snow I experienced when I lived up north and also when I lived on the prairies.

The night temperatures have been descending and tonight the prediction is that we will have a light and patchy frost. I'm looking forward to a "crunchy" and invigorating morning walk with my dog down the leaf strewn trails. No doubt I will feel some nostalgia as autumn changes to winter but at this point in enjoying the transition.

klahanie said...

Greetings Roger,
I love the changing of the seasons. Like you and the contributors on this lovely blog have noted.
I can think of nothing more peaceful, more serene, than a cool, crisp morning, taking the dog for a walk and immersing myself in the wonders that Mother Nature has to offer.
With peace and respect, Gary.

Hazelmarie Elliott (Mattie) said...

Hi Roger! I have to tell you, I'm not quite ready for the 'snow season'. Here in Ohio, the weather is often unpredictable. One thing is certain...snow will be falling soon!

Though autumn has always been my favorite season, I've often found beauty in a fresh snowfall. It brings an 'insularity'...a quiet, deep silence.

Great post, Roger. I enjoyed this...


nothingprofound said...

No snow yet, but coming soon. When it does, I'll be glad to send it all your way.

Robin Easton said...

Hi dear Roger,

I found something about this little post very very endearing. It touched me in a still and sweet way, and yet ended with dear note of humor.

We were freezing in Oct. but it has since warmed up. I'm in NM and it has been so sunny the last few days I walked with a couple of women this am and one had on a T-shirt.

I grew up in Maine and loved the snow, but after living in the tropics I never got used to the cold again. But I still LOVE the snow and am out in it every time we get it. I have to share with you a totally goofy video of me from last winter when I just HAD to go out and romp in the snow:

Hope you enjoy it
Thank you Roger.

Hugs, Laughter and HUGE snowflakes to you....and a REALLY good shovel!!

Robin :)

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Hi Mattie

I agree that it is hard to beat the majesty of a fresh snowfall. It has warmed back up and the snow is gone for now but it will be back.

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Hi Nothing Profound,

Growing up and living in snow country leaves little choice but to accept it. It helps that I love it also. Thanks for stopping by.

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Hi Robin,

You may be the most fun loving person I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Your video was a bright spot for me today and I thank you for sending the link.

The last week has been warm allowing me to catch up on the leaves from the two monster maple trees in the back yard.