Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter's lesson

Mother nature forced me to pause for a few days to dig out from recent storms that left close to two feet of snow and a need for a lot of shoveling. I welcomed the respite from months of speaking and travel to just enjoy this winter wonderland in all its beauty. Nature always has a way of reminding me how important it is to take in her wonder and return me to a more calm self.

Winter storms have a way of slowing the pace of life as our list of "need to accomplish" becomes impossible, leaving us to be with what is. Often it takes a forced break from our everyday hustle and bustle for us to realize that we have not been spending enough time with ourselves. Soon enough the roads are cleared and we are once again be faced with all the distractions conspiring to prevent us from living in the present moment. For me, I hope this chilly reminder will allow me to see things as they are.

As I left to rejoin the world today it did not take long for my mind to become wrapped up in the day's events and issues. The thermometer read -14 degrees as I left for the office, thankful that the heater in the truck was narrowly winning the battle for comfort. Just before arriving at the office, I was once again offered a little reminder of the greatness of nature when I spotted a coyote chasing a squirrel who narrowly escaped becoming breakfast as it scurried up a tree. The coyote was nice enough to pause for a picture before moving on to look for another meal.

May we each be reminded that no matter how bad we believe things are, there is still greatness in the world waiting for us to experience it. Our journey in this life is short leaving us to choose the things that matter the most.


A jewel shining through said...

"Our journey in this life is short leaving us to choose the things that matter the most."

A good reminder, and thank you for this timely blog. Best wishes, Julie

Julie P said...

What stunning photographs! Absolutely beautiful. I've never seen a cyote close up like that before so thank you for posting it.

I love the snow when I haven't got to go out in it and I agree, it does slow the pace of life down to a welcome plod! We spend so much time rushing around that we forget to top and think and just do nothing.

Julie xx

Robin Easton said...

Wow! I am always soooo grounded and moved by your sharings here. There is a deep peace and calmness to them that really stands out. As if you move through life hungry to see and experience as much as you possibly can. Which is the ending message in this very post. And yet, you expressed that so movingly even before you stated it in your closing lines.

You just seem to find the things in life that REALLY matter. I cherish that as it is my way as well. To see it in another, so actively lived, is very life-affirming for me. And your writing is just BEAUTIFUL. Right from the heart. Very kind and leaves a feeling of compassion toward the world.

I also want to thank you for your precious comments on my blog. I treasure them because, again, they come from a very very sincere heart. That is felt in all your writing.

I loved the photos here, just gorgeous. The coyote was as curious about you as you were about him. I found that to be true over and over in the wild. Life is curious about itself.

Thank you sooooo much for just being your earnest self.

Amanda Linehan said...

Hi Roger - Nature is one of the best ways I can think of to regain proper perspective. Nature is never in a rush, has no regard for to-do lists and many times does indeed force you to look at yourself. What a wonderful gift. :)

dcrelief said...

I don't know why but even the hint of snow can cheer me on! Oh to enjoy a few days of it; leave civilization behind awhile.
Stay warm,