Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moments that shape us

Life is an interesting thing. From the moment we are born, events and experiences begin to shape us.

Since I was born at a very young age, I don’t remember much about the first few years although I am sure that this was a time of great change. Then and since, all my experiences have made me what I am today. What I experience today will make me what I am tomorrow.

Every joy, every sorrow, manipulates our brain cells, altering our outlooks and aspirations both for the better or the worse. While we can control to a degree how we choose to look at things, we can not escape the fact that we have changed.

I will be a different person, albeit slightly, when I finish writing this post. You will be a different person by the time you finish reading it. While I do not expect my words to dramatically alter your life, the simple fact that you are reading this means your brain is processing thoughts through chemical rearrangement.

Most of us can think back to our early years and beyond, remembering our life changing experiences. Traumas, successes, and failures place their indelible marks on our psyche changing each of us as we travel down the path of life.

For us to find peace, we need to leave the past in the past but sometimes it helps if we take a moment to understand how we ended up where we are.

Understanding that some events were not in our control and others were, can illuminate the reality of life allowing us to learn from both our successes and mistakes, helping us to forgive ourselves and others who may have unintentionally hurt us.

Let us understand that we are the product of our past but in no way is this the sum of our future. We can not stop ourselves from changing, only make the best choices we can to make changes for the better.


Dixie@dcrelief said...

Dear Roger,
I completely agree with your writing. So much so I'd like to write about it in a different perspective. I should also like to quote and link to your article here.
You know that commercial: "So easy, even a caveman can do it." That's the way I feel right at the moment... and I'm being shaped!

Julie P said...

Brilliant post, Roger, and so true. We are constantly changing and adapting to what goes on around and within us. And we are so not victims of our past - we can and should move forward. The past has gone and can't be changed. But our future is of yet still unwritten - it's up to us how we proceed.

Julie xx

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Hi Dixie,

I know just what you mean about being shaped. The key is to accept whatever direction our life is taking in the present moment.
Mine has taken the form of not having enough time and energy to keep up with this blog but that is what is right now. Hopefully things will level off soon and allow me to do more of what I love.


The Buddhist Conservative said...

Thank you Julie,

Success in life is all about moving forward. Your example of sticking to your goals is a great reminder of this for me every day.


Unknown said...

An Excellent post Roger for the beginning of the year, for the beginning of this new spring season. For my mind that has been on hiatus since last May... Every word you spoke was perfect and touched the a place inside. Time ticks constantly even if there is no clock where you are and each change is a progression of who we are as people, i believe in the end its all how we go about living in the place we are... thanks so much for sharing ~ Suzi

Burnt Raisin said...

Beautiful post. I'd have to agree very much with your 6th par.. "the past does not sum up my future." I have had a very ugly past.. but yes, the future does look promising. =)