Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Is It You Want Most From Life?

I am not asking this question as one to be answered, rather as one to be pondered quietly within yourself.

Many will answer this question with something related to love, money, fame or one form or another of material possessions. For some, this may be as far as the thought is capable of going since it is the truth. There is no right or wrong answer.

Others may find surprising insight after sitting with questions like this. Sometimes we are blinded to our true wants and needs due to our fears and a vast number of societal influences. We often find that rather than what 'we' want, we seek what others have convinced us we want.

Every day we are barraged with images and words telling us that our lives will be more complete with whatever is being pitched. Billions of dollars are spent each year telling us we need more. Softer skin, less weight, more hair, better sleep are just some of the thousands of messages we receive each day.

All of these things may bring a degree of happiness. For those looking for something more fundamental, I argue that no matter how many 'things' we now have, we need be looking in a much deeper place. We have all heard that money does not lead to happiness. At the same time, I have never seen proof that poverty does either. There must be something more.

Each of us has to answer this question for ourselves. Look beyond the standard answers and see if there is something else. You may be surprised or perhaps not. Either way, once you find 'your' answer,work to make it reality.


Kimberly Drever said...

I like the way that you stated that this question should be one to ponder quietly to yourself. It's a very important question, for we may think that we desire to have specific "things" in our life only to discover that we didn't, we just subscribed to what we were told. Taking the time to allow the question to marinate leaves you free to brainstorm and explore and delve deeper into your true desires.

Trey - Swollen Thumb Entertainment said...

I believe that we all are embedded with a "greater purpose". When we are happy in our lives, we are living out part of that purpose. I also believe that the universe has given each of us a greater purpose in an attempt to move itself toward a progressive destination. When you ask "What do you want most from life?" what I hear is "What is your greater purpose?"

Julie P said...

I think that if more people in the world were to sit down and quietly think about what it is they really want, away from the distractions of the modern world: TV, cinema, video games,advertisements, etc, then maybe there wouldn't be so much anger, jealousy and violence in the world. Maybe people will realise there's more to life than possessions and having the latest designer handbag.

Tess The Bolf Life said...

This is deep, just what I like to read. The question is one that can be pondered in silence daily.

More than anything I want peace of mind and a happy heart. That will shine on everyone I meet other than that I just need my basic food, shelter, clothing and a means to get it.

Everything else is my ego talking!

Miss Attica said...

Your blog is fabulous. Check out my blog at where I have an award for you.

Dale Rogers said...

Well, well the ulitmate question of life that we should all ask ourselves, but many dont. I have thought of this question before and every time it is simple. All I want is to be happy. People come in all shapes and sizes, so therefor so do thier personalities and walks of life. You never know, that homeless person might just be happy. I was homeless in Kentucky for about 4months, I chose to be. I lived in my car, I had two jobs, I took baths at trucks stops and slept on the occasional couch or bench. This experience in my life was the most enlightening. It gave me a chance to see life without all of the burden of things. I used what I needed. I can say that I was Happy. I let go of all the burdens of life and money, and I just lived. So my point is that we are all diffent in all walks of life. And never forget the golden rules. We should find out what happiness means to us and just do it, find it, live it.

P.S. Love your words of wisdom

Shane at Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty said...

Sometimes it is so hard to get beyond simply surviving to the place where we are consciuos enough to be alive.

Hazelmarie 'Mattie' Elliott said...

You have hit the nail on the many people try to fulfill their lives by conforming to the standards of others and the goals of others. Happiness and peace is not 'real' unless our own inner goals are reached. We must find our own individual fulfillment in life, and we won't reach our own destiny by desiring another's.

Introspection is really good for the soul...isn't it?(smile) Terrific post!....Mattie

Geraldine Ryan said...

Interesting post, BC. Maybe in these credit-crunchy times we'll all start to evaluate what it is that - in the wise words of The Spice Girls - we really, really want.

My desires have definitely changed this year from what they were last year.

Brenda Lorene said...

Yes, each individual must decide for himself exactly what it is which he wants out of life. As one ages, the things which once seemed so important become more trivial and other issues take their places in importance. One's life is an ongoing process of changing, adjusting, and (hopefully) improving. I suspect that my life is 3/4 over now, and I am still in the improvement stage!

Vivi-Mari Carpelan said...

I think the question is to recognize what our life purpose is. But there are other things to life too. If we don't manage to achieve them it may however not be due to failure but due to the fact that it's just not a useful path for our souls/spirits to walk. Here is where I disagree with the New Age talk about manifesting your reality. More important in my opinion is intuition and discernment.

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Thank you all for the great comments. There is often a great difference with what society tells us we want and what we want deep within ourselves.

All of the current turmoil has made me think about the more important things in life.


klahanie said...

Hello Roger,

I am not in any competition with humanity or the world around me. I want to live a life that removes the unfair stigma attached to those of us with mental health issues.
My inner being is content. For I know that my intentions to the world around me are good and positive.
Thanks for this blog and I send you positive wishes. klahanie aka Gary.

Sara at On Simplicity said...

That's a scary question... If I can find the answer, then I'm duty bound to pursue it, damn the consequences. I think that's what stops many folks from asking themselves this. I see the answer unfolding slowly, as small puzzle pieces coming together slowly to form the whole picture.

LLnL said...

I use to want things but never considered myself a materialistic person. I have always appreciated simplicity; the problem came when I did not have enough money to meets my needs. I felt hopeless and bitter. I ignored my physical and emotional needs to take on more jobs. Though I made more money my needs become more elusive and I could not understand why.

Now that I have in a since struggled without success I have finally understood that my needs are relative. Society will tell you you need a cell phone in case of emergencies but that does not make it a need. Making a life with what you have, and quickly adjusting when you loss something brings so much peace. If I focus working towards some thing that I don't have steals my joy. Instead I have learn to be content with myself as in, without a one possession, and then that freedom helps my productivity towards any goal I set.

Jillian Livingston said...

Since we have gone on a spending freeze me and my family have learned that we are very happy without all of those things that we used to habitually spend money on.

Sometimes it takes a little adversity for us to realize what true living is all about.

I enjoy your website and your thoughts.