Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Special Gift

My friend, Teresa Silverthorn, author of the blog; "Confessions of a Mystic", gave me a Mandala she created for me today. Those familiar with the meaning of a Mandala will understand the specialness of this gift.

Mandalas in Buddhism are viewed as sacred places to remind the viewer of life's impermanence as well as our own internal potential. Common in many forms of Buddhism, Mandalas are used as part of mediation practice where the mediator contemplates the image to the most fine detail, internalizing the image as a place of safety and sanctuary.

Mandalas are meant to help us discover divinity through the realization that divinity is actually within each of us, waiting for us to discover it.

Buddhist monks often spend months creating intricate and beautiful Mandalas out of colored sand. Once completed, the sand is brushed together and washed away in a body of water to signify the impermanence of all things.

Thank you Teresa for this wonderful gift.


Carole Anne Carr said...

How very blessed you are to have received a Mandala created especially for you.

The Buddhist Conservative said...


Thank you for commenting. Receiving this was very special.

It is truly amazing how connected we can become in this world to people we will likely never meet in person.

Count Sneaky said...

Isn't it ironic that in most of the world today that the longer art is held the more valuable it becomes.